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About Us

JetLife #1 Apparel  is a Luxury Clothing store located at 216 Leon Sullivan Way, Charleston, WV 25301, specializing in hip hop urban wear clothing. We offer a wide range of high-quality clothing items for men, women, and kids, including hoodies, stacked sweats, skinny jeans, and stacked jeans. We pride ourselves on sourcing clothes from reputable brands that exclusively sell to us in the Charleston, WV area, such as PSD Underwear, Cult of Individuality, Reason, Sugarhill, and more. With a passion for urban wear fashion, JetLife #1 Apparel aims to provide high-quality clothing options for customers who want to express their unique style, offering a distinctive shopping experience.
Our team at JetLife #1 Apparel is committed to providing the best possible service to our customers. We offer personalized assistance in finding outfits that match your unique style, so you can feel confident and stylish in your new clothes. We also believe in giving back to our community, which is why we donate clothes to those in need, in order to help rebuild their confidence.
Thank you for choosing JetLife #1 Apparel  for your apparel. We look forward to helping you express your unique style.

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